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Introduction and rationale

All pupils are expected to wear the correct school uniform at all times, as well as present themselves accordingly so they look smart and presentable. Pupils attending this school benefit from its reputation and we expect pupils to help to maintain that reputation by their high standards of behaviour and appearance, both in school and in the local community.  Parents are expected to support the school policy on uniform and standards. This policy will cover:

●     Uniform

●     PE kit

●     Hair, makeup and jewellery

●     Equipment

Our priority is high quality education for all of our pupils. It is unacceptable for teachers to have to use valuable teaching and learning time debating whether or not they are wearing the correct school uniform. To avoid such situations, which disrupt effective learning and can damage working relationships, parents are expected to ensure that their children wear the correct school uniform and follow the school’s dress code at all times.


If a student is having difficulty in fulfilling any aspect of this policy, then we do ask that communication occurs via the students planner, which includes a reasonable timeframe for correction of the issue. This will allow us to work together and help resolve the matter. If the matter is financial, support can be provided using the Durham County Council Back to School Support Fund and or the Benevolent Fund. For further information, please contact Mr Bibby, Associate Assistant Headteacher.


What to wear

It is compulsory to wear a plain white shirt and school tie, plain black tailored trousers, which do not include jean material or leggings, and/or tailored skirt (appropriate length/non stretch) with black tights, plain black shoes or ankle boots (no trainers or trainer like footwear are permitted).

It is also compulsory for pupils to wear one of the following:

●     A school blazer

●     A school jumper

●     A school cardigan

●     A school tank top

PE Kit

Students are expected to wear Bishop Barrington’s compulsory PE kit, these are all purchased through our suppliers, Cre8ive Graphics (see section below on ‘how to order’).. This includes:

●     Logo’d purple polo t-shirt

●     Plain black shorts and socks or plain black sports leggings

●     Trainers

We do offer additional items to purchase, such as:

●     Bishop Barrington hoodie

●     Sports Jacket

●     Option PE students have the chance to purchase option PE tops

How to order uniform and/or PE Kit

We recommend that you access the school website, select ‘uniform order’ on the top right of the homepage. This shop shows all items available to order from Cre8ive graphics, including uniform and PE kit. The rendering process usually takes up to two weeks.

Alternatively, you can order from Cre8ive graphics direct by going to their premises which is located at:

12 Peel Street,

Bishop Auckland,

Co Durham,

Dl14 7LF

01388 664097

info@cre8ive graphics

Hair, makeup and jewellery


The only jewellery allowed is one small set of plain gold or silver ear studs in the lobe and/or a wristwatch. Electronic/Apple watches should not be worn. Inappropriate jewellery will be confiscated.


Hair should be tidy, clean and suitable for a working environment, e.g. no hair dyed in unnatural colours. Long hair must be tied back for practical subjects.


Makeup should be light, discreet and not excessive. We discourage the use of ‘fake tan’. Coloured nail varnish, wrapped, acrylic and gel nails are not allowed, this is a health and safety issue which will prevent students from doing practical lessons. False eyelashes and semi-permanent eyelashes are not allowed. Students can expect to be challenged on makeup and false eyelashes with the expectation that they will remove the makeup and eyelashes. Students will be given 24 hours to resolve the matter of any semi-permanent cosmetics (e.g. semi-permanent eyelashes and or semi-permanent nails). After that point, sanctions will be applied

Piercings and tattoos

Facial and visible body piercings are not allowed. Covering up piercings with plasters is not a solution – please do not arrange piercings to coincide with term dates as students will be asked to remove inappropriate studs in line with policy.

Tattoos are illegal under the “Tattooing of Minors Act, 1969”.


Being prepared for lessons will ensure students have the best opportunity for making progress overtime. As a minimum, we ask students to ensure they have the following:


●     A good sized bag big enough to hold PE kit and equipment in

●     A pen, pencil, ruler

●     Planner

●     PE kit on the correct day


●     Pencil case with additional items

●     Scientific calculator, protractor and compass

●     A reading book


We at Bishop Barrington pride ourselves on inclusivity and community, which means we do our utmost to support families where possible. However, if any rule within this policy is broken or procedures are not followed, then we reserve the right to apply any appropriate sanction. These may include; after school detention, isolation, seclusion, loss of social times and in extreme circumstances, fixed term exclusion.

Click link below for information and to purchase.

Creative Graphics Uniform Order Site