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School / EMP: ASD

EMP is a mainstream school with enhanced resources and staffing. These schools are allocated additional funds and expertise in order to meet the needs of some pupils with requirements that can be met in a mainstream school environment, with additional support. EMP schools are not ‘special’ schools and pupils entering the school through the EMP route are simply added to the school roll, the same as any other child at the school.

Each EMP across County Durham has its own specialism, with Autism being that of Bishop Barrington School. In order for this setting to be recommended for your child, Autism must be the identified primary need. The decision to offer a child a place at an EMP is not taken lightly. A panel of specialists in the field of Autism recommends places in conjunction with the Local Authority, and only after your child has met with one of the staff of Bishop Barrington School to ensure that we are confident that we can meet their needs. Your child may already attend another school, or an Early Years setting. The current provision will provide evidence to the panel, along with parental, Educational Psychology and Speech Therapy views in order for the panel to form a well-founded decision.

Our Enhanced Mainstream Provision Base is for the most vulnerable pupils, who will have complex communication difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The provision consists of a personalised and flexible programme of support, which can be updated regularly, and will vary from child to child according to their specific needs.

Pupils can eventually be fully or partially integrated into the mainstream curriculum with tailored support.

Each pupil who accesses the enhanced provision will be provided with the core offer of Quality First Teaching, access to a broad and balanced curriculum, opportunities to develop social skills and self-esteem in the wider school context.  Additionally, each pupil will access a tailored package of support from the resources outlined below and with the support of specialist trained staff depending on individual need.

  • Extended Transition package
  • Personalised Learning Plan
  • Pupil Profiles
  • High level of parent/ carer liaison
  • De-sensitisation programmes
  • Close links with external partners e.g. ASD team, CAMHS, Speech & Language
  • Social Skills Development Programmes
  • Open/ flexible access to our Learning Support Unit
  • Timeout cards
  • Use of Social Stories, Comic Strips etc.
  • Support with anxiety
  • Regular whole staff training
  • Specialist trained Keyworkers
  • Special Exam Arrangements

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