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Starting a new school can be a daunting experience for young people, here at Bishop Barrington we try to ensure a smooth transition from primary school for all our students. Below are some of the comments the current Year 7 have made about their new school.

I was the only person from my primary school that came to Bishop Barrington, but it is amazing how quickly I have made friends and how great the staff are.

Bishop Barrington is great it’s always really clean and tidy and all the teachers are lovely, and all of them treat you with respect. I love it here! It really hit me that I choose the right school when I was a Summer School. Everyone was so nice; they treat you like a friend. This is definitely the best school in County Durham!

On my first day at Bishop Barrington I was very nervous about starting, but after my first week, I had got used to the school and had made lots of friends. I got lost at first a few times, but now I know my way around the school.

My few weeks at Bishop Barrington have been brilliant. Before I came I was worried about getting lost, but I haven’t got lost once. I knew when I came for Year 5 Curriculum Week, that this was the school for me.

When I first came to Barrington, I had the fear of getting lost because it was really big school compared to my Primary School. However, I don’t have that fear anymore, because everyone in the school is so kind, and you just need to ask. Now I have overcome my fear and now know my way around, it’s like I’ve been here for years.

My time in my new school has been a very good experience. I have met new friends. It has been amazing how to learn to do different things in every subject. I really enjoy being here.