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Please see below the new timings of the day which will commence on Wednesday 11th November:

Each year group will now start their school day at 8.30am and enter the building at 5 separate entrances, therefore ensuring bubbles as soon as they enter the premises.  As soon as they enter the premises, pupils will immediately make their way to their form room– they will not be accessing the yard at the start of the day.

There will be slightly staggered dismissal at the end of the school day, with a few minutes separating the dismissal of each year group.


Start for all pupils. Pupils must arrive on site no earlier than 8.20am

8:30 - 8:50

Morning registration and form tutor period


Period 1


Period 2 (a 10 minute break will be given within this period)


Period 3


Period 4 (a 30 minute lunch break will be given within this period)


Period 5


Dismissal of Years 7 to 10 only


RISE lesson for Year 11


Dismissal of Year 11

As you can see from above, we have introduced a RISE lesson at 2.30pm for our Year 11 pupils. This is a timetabled lesson which will equip Year 11 pupils with the skills and knowledge to ensure they: