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BBSchool / School Life / Parental Code of Conduct

Purpose and Scope

At Bishop Barrington School, we believe it’s important to:

To help us do this, we set clear expectations and guidelines on behaviour for all members of our community.  This includes staff (through the Staff Code of Conduct) and pupils (through our Behaviour Policy).

This Code of Conduct aims to help the school to work together with parents/carers by setting guidelines on appropriate behaviour.  We use the term ‘parents/carers’ to refer to:

Anyone with parental responsibility for a pupil;

Anyone caring for a child (such as grandparents or child-minders).


To support families, we will offer parents/carers:

To support the school, we encourage parents, carers and visitors to:

Behaviour that will not be tolerated

Inappropriate Use of Social Network Sites

Most people take part in online activities and social media.  There are online school groups managed by Bishop Barrington School for parents, (Facebook:, Twitter:, Instagram: and they can be a wonderful source of knowledge, support and advice.  We encourage you to positively participate if you wish, with respect and courtesy, in accordance with the behaviours outlined above.

Social media is, unfortunately, being used increasingly to fuel campaigns and complaints against schools, headteachers, school staff, and, in some cases, other parents or pupils.  This is unacceptable to all and will not be tolerated.

We always try to make sure that the school is a happy place but recognise that there might be times when parents/carers have concerns.  It is not appropriate or acceptable to share your concerns on Social Media. You are encouraged to raise any issues with a member of staff; if you consider that the issue remains unresolved, then please use the School Complaints Policy.

Malicious posts - in the event that any malicious comments are posted on social media, they will be reported and/or other appropriate action may be taken. Bishop Barrington School will also require that any such post would be removed immediately.

Cyber Bullying - the school will not tolerate the use of technology to bully others.  Any incidents of cyber bullying will be dealt with using the school’s anti-bullying policy.

What happens if someone ignores or does not follow this code?

If the school suspects, or becomes aware, that a parent/carer has not followed the Code of Conduct, the school will investigate.  Depending on the nature of the incident, the school may then take one or more of the following steps:

School will always contact the police if it is considered or alleged that the law has been broken.

The school will always respond to an incident fairly.  The final decision rests with the headteacher, or the Chair of Governors where a complaint may be held against a head teacher.

School requires parents/carers to please ensure they make all persons responsible for collecting their child/young person aware of this code and the requirement to comply with it.

Thank you for following this code.  Together we can maintain a positive environment, not only for our children/young people, but also all who work for and visit our school.