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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions, if you have any other questions or concerns please contact:

1. How and when will students be grouped for their curriculum subjects?

We always work very closely with all Primary Schools to gather as much information as possible about each child which includes information regarding academic performance. Usually student groupings are primarily led by student SATs results, however as these exams are not taking place this year, we will be using teacher assessed data that we receive from primary schools, along with some baseline assessment data we will gather in the first half term of Year 7. We will use this data alongside data and information from the primary schools to allocate students to the most appropriate groupings. This initial placing of sets will be implemented during the first few weeks of term and will be monitored and reviewed regularly throughout year 7 and beyond.

2. My child was not due to sit / pass SATs, will Bishop Barrington take this into consideration?

We have this information from primary schools, therefore we will be taking this into consideration. Nevertheless, as described above, we will effectively and appropriately assess each student to establish a level of attainment. We will then use this to determine the best setting/grouping for your child to be placed in, so they can make the most progress, from day 1.

3. Can my child be in the same tutor group as their best friend?

Using the knowledge of the students that has been collated from their Year 6 teachers, we do our best to place each student in the tutor group that is right for them. The Year 7 tutor groups are carefully constructed to allow the possibility for new friendships to develop and students to be supported in an effective way. There will usually be other members of the tutor group from a student’s primary/junior school. When a child is the only pupil from their Primary school, we will ensure that they are placed in a form group with others in a similar situation to themselves.

4. Will my child have the opportunity to attend a Transition programme at Bishop Barrington?

We are looking at ways at setting up a Transition event, albeit different from previous years, further details will follow in due course.

5. Where do I purchase school uniform from?

Uniforms can be purchased from Cre8ive Graphics. Please see separate uniform information regarding specific requirements and policies.

6. How do I order the PE kit?

PE Kits can be ordered from Cre8ive Graphics. Please see separate information regarding specific requirements and policies.

7. My child has medical needs/dietary requirements, what should I do?

We have gathered information from primary schools and will also use the information from the returned data packs. Please let us know if your child has a medical condition. If your child has medical needs we will contact you providing relevant information e.g. asthma care plan, medical care plan. If a child has any dietary requirements, we request that you send medical evidence (doctor’s letter, dietician letter etc) this will then be sent to the local authority (we can return any original paperwork as soon as we have sent it to County Hall). This information will then be passed to our caterers and they may contact you regarding this. All asthmatics have to have a inhaler carried on them but also one for storage in our first aid room. Medical forms are on the website for parents/carers to download and these can either be emailed to school or dropped off in reception.

8. My child has SEN, what will Bishop Barrington do to support them?

We have been working closely with primary schools and gathering all SEN information.  Where this information indicates that it would be appropriate to place students on our SEN register, a support plan will be produced and this will be sent to you in due course for consideration.  In some instances, the information indicates that students would be better placed on our ‘Additional Needs Register’ where their progress will be monitored closely to determine what level of additional support is necessary.

9. My child has an EHCP (Education Health and Care Plan), will they receive additional support?

Any pupil with an EHCP (or in the process of applying for one) will have been a key focus of our conversations with the primary schools.  In order to meet the needs of these pupils, appropriate and effective support will be put into place based on the information from primary schools, guidance from Durham Local Authority and in partnership with yourselves.  Please be assured that this process is already underway.

10. Who should my son/daughter go to if they have a problem?

Year 7 students are welcome and encouraged to speak to either their Form Tutor, the Year Link or staff in our Pupil Liaison Office.

11. What are the school day hours?

Students are expected to be in school at 8:30am and the day finishes at 2:45pm. To ensure we are COVID-secure, we may consider a staggered exit of pupils - this will be communicated with parents in due course.

12. My child currently receives Free School Meals, how do I apply for this to continue at Bishop Barrington?

We receive Free School Meal information from your child’s primary school and therefore, this will continue at Bishop Barrington.

13. My child will require a bus pass. How will I apply for this?

Applications for a bus pass should be made via Durham County Council.  The web link is and if you have any queries regarding your transport application, please contact Durham County Council on 03000 264444.

If you have any other transport enquiries you can contact Mrs McKenna via email:

14.  What do students do about lunch?

Students can get food from our Bistro (which serves a range of hot and cold food) or bring packed lunch.  They will pay using their finger print linked to their dining account which you will need to top up in advance, using a ParentPay system (more information to follow).

15. How do I pay for my child’s school dinner/school trips?

You can make electronic payments through our cashless system. We will send  you a letter detailing the unique user ID and password to access your secure online ParentPay account. We understand that not everyone can pay online, so ParentPay accounts can be topped up at shops with a PayPoint facility.

16. What if my child is ill before school/during the school day?

If your child is ill before school, you may decide to send them. You can ring in to alert our first aider. If they become ill during the school day, they will then be assessed and you will be contacted if it is necessary. If you decide not to send in your child due to illness, please call the main school telephone number, select student absence and leave a brief message for the attendance officer.

17. Is my child allowed to bring their mobile phone to school?

Students are allowed to bring in their handset, however they are not allowed to use a mobile while in school. Devices must be turned off and in bags. If they need to contact a family member/carer during the school day, this must be done via the school office.  Please see Bishop Barrington policy on mobile phones for further details.

18. How can I contact the school?

You can always call us on 01388 603307. Or you can download the free MyEd app to be able to text school. For more information on the app, please visit this section of our website: