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Bishop Barrington School operates its home to school transport arrangements under Durham County Council’s Home to School Transport policy which, from September 2012, states:

Pupils of compulsory school age are entitled to free home to school transport to:

the nearest suitable school, if that school is more than three miles from the parental home using the shortest available walking route. Routes are measured from the centre point of a pupil’s house, or in the case of a flat from the centre point of the building, to the nearest school entrance. The courts have defined an available route as one “along which a child accompanied as necessary can walk and walk with reasonable safety to school”.

Please refer to DCC webpage HERE re further information and how to apply for concessionary seats.

Durham County Council School Bus Contracts

Bishop Barrington School Bus Contracts

Any enquiries re seat availability on Bishop Barrington School Bus Routes please contact Mrs Mckenna on 01388 660909 or  Email: