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School / Information / Staff list


Mr Bennett Head Teacher 

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Potts Deputy Head Teacher 

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Hulme Assistant Headteacher (KS4 Basic Indicator; Achievement & Standards: Analysis and Evaluation) 
Mr Johnson Assistant Head Teacher, Director of Sport & Strategic Leader of SMSC & Extended Services 
Mr Powell Assistant Head Teacher - KS3 Strategy Manager & PM Quality Assurance 
Mrs Woods School Business Manager 

Associate Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Armstrong New Teacher development, Transition/Primary Liaison / Subject Leader Food/Child Care 
Mrs Galvin AAHT/ Teaching and Learning Development/Strategic Leader of Maths 
Mrs Wilkinson SENCO Inclusion / Behaviour for Learning 

Achievement Centre

Mrs Johnson Learning Mentor 
Miss Kitching Pastoral Assistant 
Mrs Maddison Support Assistant for Learning Support Unit 
Mrs Marley Learning Support Unit Coordinator 
Miss Ornsby Unit Inclusion Supervisor 
Miss Pollard Learning Support Unit/EMP Support Assistant 


Ms Ormerod Senior Clerical Assistant 
Mrs Smith First Aid / Admin Support 
Mrs Stephens Admin Support 
Mrs Thompson Data Entry and Exams Officer 
Mrs Wallis Receptionist 
Mrs Williams Clerical Assistant 


Mrs Bostock Attendance Assistant 
Mrs Doughty Attendance Manager 


Mrs Clarey (Jud) Cleaning Staff 
Mrs Crowther Cleaning Staff 
Mrs Fieldson Cleaning Staff 
Miss Harrington Cleaning Staff 
Mrs Herring Cleaning Staff 
Miss Longstaff Cleaning Staff 
Miss McGuiness Cleaning Staff 
Miss McGuiness Cleaning Staff 
Mrs Robson Cleaning Staff 
Mrs Taylor Cleaning Staff 
Mrs Wales Cleaning Staff 
Mrs Welford Cleaning Staff 

Computer Studies

Mr Gowling Teacher of Computer Studies (NQT) 
Mr Hudson Teacher of Computer Studies, Raising KS3 Pupil Aspirations and VLE 
Mrs Speke Teacher of Computer Studies 
Mrs Wallace Senior Teacher - Subject leader for Computer Studies and E-Safety 

Cover Supervisors

Mrs Fear Cover Supervisor 
Mrs Towers Cover Supervisor 
Mr Towers Cover Supervisor 


Mrs Dolan Senior Teacher - Subject Leader of English  
Mrs Downes 2nd in English 
Miss Drew Teacher of English 
Mrs Findlay HLTA English 
Miss Greenup Teacher of English 
Mrs Tennant Teacher - English 
Mrs Thompson Teacher of English 


Miss Anderson Subject Leader of Geography 
Miss Webb Teacher of Geography 


Miss Dixon Teacher of History (NQT) 
Mrs Greenwell Subject Leader of History and Gold Standard Attendance KS3 
Mr Palmer Teacher of History & Geography 

IT Support

Mr Brooke PR and School Website Manager 
Mr Brown Apprentice ICT Technician 
Mr Singlewood Junior ICT Technician 
Mr Sisson ICT Technician 
Mr Staff Network Manager 


Mrs Ali Kitchen Assistant 
Mrs Brough Kitchen Assistant 
Mrs Hopton Kitchen Assistant 
Miss Jackman Kitchen Assistant 
Mrs Jane Kitchen Assistant 
Mrs Moody Kitchen Assistant 
Ms Myers Kitchen Assistant 
Mrs Nicholson Chef 
Miss Nixon Catering Officer and Assistant 
Ms Stephenson Kitchen Assistant 
Miss Stewart Kitchen Assistant  

Literacy Intervention

Mrs Crooks Teaching Assistant  
Mrs Dodds HLTA Literacy 
Miss Smith PLANES Co-ordinator 
Mrs Trueman Reading & Resource Manager and Renaissance Reading Tutor 


Miss Batey 2nd in Maths 
Mr Beighton Teacher of Maths  
Mrs Brown Teacher of Maths 
Mrs Culkin Teacher of Maths 
Mr Lenahan Teacher of Maths 
Miss McGeorge Teacher of Maths (NQT) 
Ms Summerson HLTA Mathematics 
Mrs Williams Subject Leader of Maths 


Mrs Flanagan Leader of MFL 


Mrs Bain Subject Leader - Music 

Pastoral Office

Mr French Pastoral Assistant 
Mrs McKenna Pastoral Manager & Pupil Transport 


Mr Bibby Senior Teacher: Subject Leader - PE/Lead of Uniform 
Mrs Bibby Teacher of PE/Leader of Dance and Gold Standard Attendance KS4 
Mr Horan PE Technician 
Mr Knowles Teacher of PE 
Miss McNarry 2nd in PE/Student Leadership 
Mr Oldfield Schools Sports Partnership – Competitions Manager 

Personal Development

Mrs Brown Teacher of History / PSHE/Citizenship/CEIAG 


Miss Hughes Leader of RE 


Mr Anderson Teacher of Science (NQT) | Maternity cover 
Ms Borsberry HLTA - Science 
Mr Dolan Senior Technician 
Mr Galvin Subject Leader of Science 
Mrs Kirwin Teacher of Science 
Mr Moss Teacher - Science 
Mrs Thompson Teacher of Science 
Miss Thornley Teacher of Science 
Miss Van Den Kerkhof Teacher of Science and Leaders of Research and Development Group/ Student Leadership 

Site Staff

Mr Fieldson Site Supervisor/Security 
Mr Johnson Minibus Driver /Handyman 
Mr McAloon Site Team 
Mr Miller Minibus Driver/Handyman 
Mr Osborne Site Team 

Sports Hall

Mr Brooke "Community Sports & Activities" Centre Manager 
Mr Draper Facilities Technician 
Mr Gatiss Facilities Technician 
Mr Porter Facilities Technician 

Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Amos Supervisory Assisstant 
Mrs Brown Supervisory Assistant 
Mrs Bryan Lunchtime Till Operator 
Mrs Crowther Supervisory Staff 
Miss Harrington Supervisory Staff 
Mrs Johnson Supervisory Assistant 
Mrs Oxley Supervisory Assistant 
Mrs Shepherd Supervisory Assisstant 

Technology & Art Faculty

Mrs Clough Leader of Hard Technology 
Mrs Coulton Teacher - Art 
Miss Jackson Teacher of Food Technology 
Miss Lewis Teacher of Technology & Personal Education Plan Co ordinator 
Miss Middleton Food Technology Apprentice 
Mrs Mullen Subject Leader of Food Technology 
Ms Ridley Head of Art and SCITT/ITT Tutor 
Mrs Stephenson Art /Technology Faculty Technician