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A message from Mike Bennett - Headteacher

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I am sure you will find it interesting and informative and that it gives you a flavour of the work and ethos of our school.

Bishop Barrington is not just a good school, it's a great school, and I feel very privileged to be leading it. We are currently celebrating yet another set of excellent GCSE results in a wide range of subjects and I can promise you that this trend of excellence will continue.

We have a staff who are second to none, and students who are among the very best in the area. Our young people leave Bishop Barrington as successful, confident, responsible young adults and we are very proud of them. When you see what they have achieved, and the lovely, young adults they've become, you know that teaching is the best job in the world and you realise how truly fortunate you are to have helped them along the way.

When parents send their children to Bishop Barrington, we are very mindful of the trust they are placing in us. It is absolutely true that a student's time at secondary school is important and very precious. You cannot get that time back. Every parent is concerned about making the right choice of secondary school for their children. Families who send their children to Bishop Barrington can be assured that we take our responsibility very seriously. We mean it when we say that pupils will make progress from day one and that we will support, encourage and guide them throughout their learning journey. The five years in secondary school are crucial in terms of securing the kind of bright future that all children truly deserve. It is their right and our responsibility.

When children begin at Bishop Barrington, we make them, and their parents, certain promises which we go all out to keep:

I know that Bishop Barrington is a school which delivers on these promises. This is confirmed by our results, by our pupils, by parents and by visitors to the school.

Our view that Bishop Barrington is an excellent school is also endorsed by visiting LA inspectors, Advisers and Consultants, who, without exception, comment on its exceptionally strong ethos. They describe us as a true learning community and that we stand out as being very special. They say that the learning atmosphere is tangible from the moment you enter the school.

I know that parents and pupils who attend our Open Nights have confirmed this impression. I truly hope that you too get a sense of this as you visit our website.