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The Programme of Study for Religious Education at Bishop Barrington aims to provide pupils with the opportunity to investigate religion and consider how religion impacts the lives of individuals, communities and societies through the four concepts of religion: Belief, Authority, the Expression of Belief and the Impact of Belief. There are also elements of philosophy incorporated into the schemes of work, giving pupils the opportunity to tackle 'big questions' in life concerning the existence of God and whether or not there may be life after death.

The Programme of Study has been written to comply with the guidelines outlined in the Durham County Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. Some pupils can gain an external accreditation in RE through following either a GCSE Religious Studies course or an internal accreditation through an entitlement lesson. Those following an external accreditation can gain either a short course or full course through following AQA Religious Studies Specification, based on a study of Christianity and Islam.


UPDATED 03/10/2017