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The curriculum will offer pupils the chance to build their knowledge through a 5 year course which prepares them for both Language and Literature GCSE and life beyond the school. It will give all pupils, regardless of ability, the opportunity to succeed and become adults who are able to evaluate critically, speak confidently, articulate their thoughts and communicate successfully. The curriculum will develop a love of reading in all pupils ensuring they are prepared to access a full school curriculum with confidence. Ours is a knowledge curriculum; it enables pupils to be able to achieve their full potential by applying and mastering critical thinking, skills which are based on the secure commitment of knowledge to long-term memory from Year 7. English and English Literature elements of the curriculum will complement and dovetail into each other. Language will be taught through Literature and Literature will be placed at the heart of the curriculum and taught chronologically. The curriculum enables pupils to acquire knowledge of a broad canon of Literature, including locating unseen poems and understanding the ideals of Chaucer, Shakespeare and beyond. This, in turn, enables pupils to understand religion and philosophical ideas whilst connecting and interleaving their knowledge from a range of subjects across the curriculum, broadening their daily experience and increasing their cultural capital. The curriculum is designed for mastery. From year one of the course we are building the knowledge of the pupils in order to allow them to tackle difficult concepts with ease in later years. The curriculum also enables mastery of grammar, spelling and vocabulary.



UPDATED 29/09/19