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At KS4 pupils have the option to take GCSE Drama which is an exciting, inspiring and practical course. It promotes involvement in and enjoyment of drama, as performers and/or designers. Additionally it provides opportunities to attend live theatre performances and to develop skills as informed and thoughtful audience members.

In Year 10, learners are given opportunities to participate in and interpret their own and others' drama.

Learners have the option to work practically as performers and/or designers in Components 1 and 2. Learners investigate a practitioner or genre of drama, work collaboratively to develop ideas to communicate meaning and experiment with dramatic conventions, forms and techniques to produce and realise a piece of original theatre. They also have the opportunity to participate in the performance of an extract from a play text.

In Year 11, pupils analyse live performances, study a historical play and develop understanding of the roles of those who work within professional theatre.

UPDATED 01/10/17