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Bishop Barrington School Curriculum Statement of Intent

We want all of our students to:

  1. Work well with their peers, to embrace, value and enjoy new learning experiences without fear of making mistakes.
  2. To study a broad and balanced curriculum for as long as possible before making informed and sound choices about their preferred career pathway.
  3. Have access to a full range of learning opportunities, which enable strong progress to be made, regardless of background or starting point.
  4. Value the importance and relevance of being an educated person; developing a strong vocabulary and ‘hard work’ ethic.
  5. Value the importance of making a contribution to the school community; embracing our Bishop Barrington ‘RISE values’ alongside British values.
  6. Engage in a well planned and rounded curriculum in which pupils secure digital literacy, and in turn, ‘opens doors’ and increases the likelihood of prosperity and success in their chosen careers.
  7. To secure ‘powerful knowledge’ and deep subject learning; making sense of the world and making a valuable contribution to the society they live in.

If you require any further information please contact the school on 01388 603307 or email