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COVID Contingency Plan

As you may be aware, the situation regarding COVID-19 and subsequent government plans and restrictions, is changing and developing at quite a rapid pace. Bishop Barrington School continues to follow relevant advice and guidance regarding our response. Currently, the guidance is clear that schools are to remain open as usual. As you know I have previously written to you to outline the substantial range of measures we have in place to minimise the transmission of COVID-19 in school. These measures include: regular hand sanitising throughout the day, year group bubbles, constant surface and common-touch area cleaning (door handles, stairs, toilets) and wearing of face coverings in communal areas.

School Closure

In the event of school closure, you will be informed via text message (if you have recently changed your mobile contact details, please inform the school as a matter of urgency). Information will also be posted on our Facebook page and website - please always check the school website which will provide the most up to date information.

It is important, if the school closes, that children are given opportunities to continue learning at home. Details regarding ‘remote learning’ (and access to paper based resources if required) will be posted on our website on or before the day of closure. Even if the school needs to close suddenly, these resources will be made available immediately. If we have to close for an extended period of time, further plans will be made to ensure children’s learning can continue as much as possible.

Staff Absence

Hopefully this will not be the case, but as a contingency, there may come a time when the school has a higher than normal number of staff absent.  If high staff absence does become the case, we will do everything we can to remain open, but on the grounds of health and safety we may have to take the decision to send home one or more year groups or even close completely. Any of these circumstances would be an absolute last resort.

Postponement of planned events

In line with local lockdown restrictions and government guidance, we may need to postpone planned events or trips.  We will keep you up to date with decisions that are made.  When making decisions our priority will always be the safety and welfare of our pupils, staff and parents.

Current advice on self-isolation and local lockdown restrictions

There are updated guidelines regarding staying at home and self-isolating and the current local lockdown restrictions.  Please use these links for the most up to date information and advice:

We appreciate your patience, but as you will be aware this is a rapidly changing situation and we are doing what we can to be prepared for any decisions that may need to be made. We will continue to keep you updated.

In the meantime, we ask for your continued support and cooperation as we take decisions in the best interests of our children and to safeguard and protect the health and welfare of our school community.