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Y11 2020 prom update

Dear Year 11 pupils (cohort 2020)

For Year 11 pupils who left us in summer 2020 it has been an incredibly challenging and frustrating final year of studies. Every year we look forward to hosting our Year 11 prom giving us a chance to say farewell to pupils who have worked so hard for 5 years and for us to celebrate their achievements with them. Obviously the prom, usually scheduled before summer, could not take place this year due to the national lockdown, but we did state that we would endeavour to arrange something in the autumn. 

As you may be aware the government introduced local lockdown measures from 00.01 today. The consequence of these restrictions means that arranging an autumn alternative to the prom now looks increasingly unlikely and unless circumstances change we will be unable to put any arrangements in place. I know this will bring disappointment and further frustration, which I can only say is also shared by staff.  

I hope each and every year 11 pupil from cohort 2020 goes on to a great future and pursues a life lived well.

Take care and best wishes.

Nathan Powell

Acting Headteacher