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Message from QE to Year 11 Applicants

QE are still taking applications from Year 11 students. Students can apply online via the College website. If you require information please contact them using Any students who have applied to QE and did not receive an email last Friday please use the contact email address to update contact details so you can receive further information.



I hope that all is well with you and your family.

We know that, at this stage of your application, you might be considering or confirming which subjects you want to study. At QE, with over 40 subjects to select from, there is a lot of choice.

To help you decide, we have put more information on our website – There is now a page specifically for Year 11 students and new applicants which you can access by clicking the pop up message on our homepage or by clicking here.

From this page, you can access all sorts of information about the College including our courses and our extensive range of exciting extra-curricular activities.

So that you know more about the courses we offer, we have:

  1. Updated our subject leaflets to include more information about the content of the courses – the topics and, in some cases, the set texts you will be studying. You will also see how exactly you will be assessed on the courses. We have also included the exam board and specification code for each subject so you can do further research about the syllabus if you wish.
  2. Included a new section on the website called “Wider reading/independent study”. Here, you will find recommendations from the departments about books, websites, podcasts, films etc. which might interest you. These are totally optional but you might like to try some to see if you will enjoy studying a particular subject. In this section, you will also find some of the resources we have in our College Library which you can access when you start with us. Please be aware that we provide all students with textbooks when you begin your course.

You can find the above information by clicking on the Courses link on the website. For the subject leaflets, please then click on Advanced Levels and you will see a menu of all of our courses. We are adding information all of the time so please do revisit the website.

To get additional advice about choosing your courses at QE, it would be useful to read the pages on the website called CoursesStudy Programmes and Careers/Progression. If you need guidance about which subjects to choose for entry to certain careers or university courses, you can contact our specialist HE/Careers advisers – Alice Atkinson ( or Liz Bryan (

I hope you find this additional information on our website useful. Over the next few weeks, I shall let you know about other ways you can interact with our departments and we will contact you individually to discuss your application. If you have any questions at any point, please contact or email me directly at

We look forward to being in touch soon.

Best wishes,

Laurence Job

Deputy Principal