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Year 11: Post 16 destinations

As a school, it is important we have details of what Year 11 pupils are planning on doing when they leave secondary school. We have details for most Year 11 pupils, but missing some. If they haven't done so already, please can you ensure your child replies to their email from Mrs Brown (via their school email address) with the following information?

Are you going to College/ apprenticeship/ job, or do you have no plans? Where are are going?

What course?

At what level? ( Pre level 2/ Level 2/ Level 3)

Have you applied?

Have you been offered a place?

Do you have a back up choice?

If you need help support with post-16 destinations, what email or phone number is best to contact you on?

Do you agree with us sharing your data with post 16 provision/schools/Local Authority to help give you support? The data will be confidentially shared and protected and will not be used for any other purposes.

Thank you.