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Inter-School Spelling Bee

On Friday 12th July 2019 a selected group of year 9 pupils attended County Durham's first inter-school Spelling Bee hosted at Wellfield School. Rhys, Kate , Dominic and Ethan competed with their peers to attain a very much sought after chance in representing our school amongst other more able and talented pupils from across the county.

Supported by Mrs Tennant, pupils spent countless hours honing their spelling skills in an attempt to defeat their competitors. Our team fought off stiff competition from impressive representatives from Shotton Hall Academy, St Bede's, Dene School and, the hosting team, Wellfield. Bishop Barrington's team impressed the audience with their ability to spell some challenging 'tier 2' and 'tier 3' vocabulary but were ultimately defeated by the request to spell the somewhat complex  'Mediterranean' and 'hierarchy'.

Bishop Barrington's team came in a very respectable third place with Dominic being our final competitor. Mrs Tennant and the English Department would like to congratulate our pupils and thank them for their efforts in representing our school with such confidence, maturity and determination.