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Parental feedback from our recent Y8 progress evening

Thank you to parents who attending our recent Y8 progress clinic. Parental feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated and valued. Your comments help us to continue to ensure high quality parental communication. A summary of your feedback is reported below.

We asked for your ratings for the quality of feedback on progress, received from individual subject areas (1= poor 10 = outstanding). Average ratings are as follows:

  • Art = 9.7
  • French = 10
  • Science = 9.8
  • Maths = 9.4
  • RE = 9.3
  • Food = 9.2
  • History = 9.9
  • Music = 10
  • Technology = 9.7
  • English = 9.6
  • Geography = 10
  • PE = 9.9

100% of parents rated the quality of the progress clinic as GOOD or OUTSTANDING, with an average score of 9.4 out of 10. Comments included:

“The appointment times worked well!”

“The evening flowed well.”

“The parents evening is now much better with an appointment system”

“The evening was relaxed, staff approachable.”

“Teachers had plenty of time to talk about my child’s progress.”

We also appreciate constructive critique. One comment received was that some parents may want more privacy when discussing more sensitive matters with teachers. We are able to accommodate for situations where more privacy is needed, when requested.

100% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their child feels safe and is making good progress at school. 100% also stated that their child is well taught.

90+% of parents stated that the school has good systems to manage behaviour, responds well to concerns and provides valuable information about progress of their child.

95% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their child is happy in school.

98% of parents would recommend Bishop Barrington School to another parent.

Thank you again.

Mr N Powell (Assistant Headteacher)