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Barrington Pupils join Scholars Programme

12 of our Most Able Year 10 pupils are taking part in the Scholars Programme. The Programme aims to increase access to highly-selective universities by recruiting, training and placing doctoral and postdoctoral researchers into schools to deliver university-style tutorials to small groups of pupils.

The Scholars Programme mobilises PhD researchers to work with talented pupils that are under-represented at highly selective universities. The pupils will study a challenging super-curricular programme pitched one stage above their current level at school.

Our launch event took place on Tuesday 22nd January 2019 at Newcastle University. The pupils were introduced to the course, to student life at the university and met their PhD tutor Ms Maria Ospina. There are of work is STEM – Bacterial Superheroes, can they help us save our environment. Pupils complete tutorials through February and March and a final University style assignment is due at the end of March.