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National School Breakfast Programme

Bishop Barrington is pleased to announce that we will be part of the Magic Breakfast programme commencing on 3rd December 2018. We will be offering a healthy school breakfast free to all pupils and will be available every school morning from 07:50 – 08:20.

Over half a million children in the UK arrive at school each day too hungry or malnourished to learn.

Magic Breakfast is a charity registered in England and Scotland ensuring that no child is too hungry to learn through the provision of healthy breakfast food and expert support to schools. A hungry child cannot concentrate so will miss out on half a day of lessons, every day, if not given anything to eat.

School breakfast provision has been shown to improve educational outcomes for children, by improving their memory and concentration. As part of the funding Family Action and Magic Breakfast will also be looking at how to encourage more children who arrive at school hungry to eat breakfast before lessons, and will aim to improve collaboration and sharing of best practice across schools.

The breakfasts on offer will be

A choice of cereal from Cornflakes, Crisp Rice, Shreddies or Oat Cheerios with less than 5% sugar.


A bagel.