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Pupil becomes published poet

Year 9 pupil, Romana  (age 13)  has become a published poet.

After lessons covering poetry in English, Romana became interested in writing her own. She wrote a poem called “A Reason,” and took it upon herself to enter it into a Young Writers poetry competition.

Not only was the poem picked for publication but she also received a merit of achievement in “Talent for Writing,” from the Young Writers company.

Mrs Dolan, Romana’s English said “This is a great achievement and a wonderful poem!”

Romana’s poem is published in “Reflections – collection od teen poets,” and is written below.


A Reason

Just stop. For one second,

Place your hand over your chest

Feel that? The light thudding?

You are so blessed.

And that is one reason to stay with us.

Now think back to the best day of your life,

A day so pure and so clear,

Feel that smile creeping onto your face?

It’s amazing dear.

And that’s a reason to stay with us.

Now think of your favourite person,

An angel handed to you by God,

They give you that warm feeling inside,

That’s a reason to stay with us.

So, if the world ever hates you,

And everyone’s back is turned;

Please read this my love

So you don’t get hurt,

And we will cherish you,

And no one could ever replace you,

And that, well…

That is the best reason to stay with us.