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Y7 Target Setting Event

Thank you to all parents who attended our Year 7 target setting event on 1st November. It was lovely to see so many parents in attendance; your support and the positive feedback received are greatly appreciated, as always. Parents gave an overall rating for the event of 9.3 out of 10, and gave scores for the following elements (out of 10):

Quality of information booklet = 9.7

Guidance from the form tutor on how your child’s targets are set = 9.8

Information on how your child has settled in to Y7 = 9.8

How well your queries were answered = 9.9

We are also grateful for the comments left by parents. Below is a sample of these:

“Timing was excellent”

“Nice to be informed how my daughter is going to be graded and how she is settling in”

“Good to understand what the targets mean and how to achieve them. Very friendly and approachable staff”

“School as a whole is fantastic. Informed about targets and how well ****** has settled in and the help he has received has been outstanding”

“Good to know how my child is developing in school”

“Good to see history book and explanation of extended questions to achieve higher target”

“To see if my child has settled and felt comfortable  in a new school which is a massive step for a child of that age, and thankfully she has and is doing well!”