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Bobby Madley Visit

On Wednesday 14th June 2017 Bishop Barrington School were delighted to welcome Bobby Madley to our school where he would work closely with our students and staff throughout the day. Bobby is an FA Premier League football referee on the Select Group of officials as well as holding his FIFA referees badge allowing him to travel the world to be involved in International matches, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League matches.

Bobby worked with 3 different groups of students as well as delivering our whole school staff CPD where he delivered a presentation for working in a high performing team. The first of Bobby’s sessions was designed around respect and how our students can show respect and how they can earn the respect of others within their peer groups. This was delivered to a selection of Year 8 students with positive engagement being present throughout the session.

The second session was a practical based session using students that had been identified within the PE department as being talented in a range of different activities which included Rugby, Football and Table Tennis as an example. The session was extremely difficult and every student had worked up a sweat. Bobby put them through their paces by doing a generic warm-up that the PGMOL use to warm the Premier League officials up for their workouts. This used teamwork and awareness in order to switch on physically and mentally for what lies ahead. The main part of the session was for the students to attempt the FIFA fitness test. This meant the students had to complete 150m in 30 seconds before having a 30 seconds rest where they had to walk a total of 50m before they set off on their next run. They had to try and do this a total of 20 times meaning they would have covered a total of 4000m at the end. This was a fantastic effort by our students as not one person gave up and showed the spirit and determination to fight through any pain they had or tiredness they were feeling.

The final session was delivered to a range of students from year 7-year 10 and was designed around achieving your potential. This was focused around “stepping forwards” in the face of adversity and pressure. It was a good showcase of what referees go through each time they walk out on to a football field. Each time they could easily cower away back to their changing rooms but they pluck up the courage to step forward and the message was clear for the students that when it comes to achieving things in their lives whether it is exams or sport or other aspects of their lives it is important that they push themselves and step out of their comfort zones and push to get that A grade instead of a B grade, or to try and score 10 goals instead of 5 in a season.

Having finished working with the students Bobby then turned his attention to the whole school staff CPD. This was around working in a high performing team. It encouraged ways that staff can raise their game by that 1% to generate even more success than the school is already generating. It also demonstrated ways that staff can overcome challenges and “step forwards” as had come out in the student’s sessions.

At the end of the day it was left to Mr. Broom to summarise and thank Bobby for his time with a card and a small gift. Thanks went to Mr. Knowles who had organised the visit due to his refereeing contact with Bobby and knowing him personally, to all staff that had allowed students out of their lessons to be a part of such a fantastic opportunity and finally to the students themselves for their engagement within the day. Bobby left the school with a fantastic opinion of the school and the staff and students that are within it.