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Cyber Bullying

Bishop Barrington has an excellent track record for success in the area of Anti Bullying.  We also have a track record in seizing initiative and rising to local and national challenges.  As you are probably aware concerns have been raised nationally with regard to social media being used as a weapon for bullying.  Although this happens outside of school consequently, it clearly affects pupil’s mental health and well-being inside school. Consequently, we want to do all that we can to help address the problem.

To support this we have established a school strategy group which involves the Head Teacher, our Social Inclusion Manager (V Wilkinson), our Achievement Centre Manager ( P Marley), our Anti-Bullying Worker (H Johnson) and our E Safety Manager (N Wallace), a police representative (K Marshall), Nigel Hogg and Dave Woolley (Team Around the School), parent representatives and members of  our Yr 11 Student Leadership Team/School Council.

Plans for the next few weeks include awareness raising assemblies led by Senior Staff and students, assemblies led by the police, a non-uniform day to raise funds for the campaign and production of a powerful video made in school and for use by other schools.  The latter will be the work of the young people and will include case studies of victims and perpetrators.  We want this to be as thought provoking as possible so that it can act as a powerful tool in changing behaviours.  We will also be appointing and training our own school ambassadors (who have had personal experience of such situations) to work with pupils across the school.  The drive will be supported by our further teaching and learning programmes delivered in Personal Development lessons and Form Tutor time.

Pupils deserve to be happy and to do well in all aspects of their life.  It is our duty as educators and parents to do everything in our power to achieve these aims.