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Y7 "settling in" event

Thank you for your attendance on Tuesday evening and for your continuing support.

We asked parents to rate the event overall as well individual aspects of the event (1 = poor, 10 = excellent).

Average scores were as follows:
  • Quality of information booklet = 9.4
  • Information on how your child has settled in to Y7 = 9.8
  • How well your queries were answered? = 9.8
  • Guidance from the form tutor on how your child's targets are set = 9.8

Below is a small sample of the many positive comments received from parents:


"Good to have up to date talk on child’s progress.”

“Very informative and helpful.”

Did any parts of the event particularly appeal to you: “information on new targets.”

“… (my child) seems to be happy and settled.”

“Nice to put a face to (my child’s) form teacher, whom she speaks very highly of.”