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GCSE Results 2016

Our 2016 Year 11 cohort of pupils and their teachers are to be congratulated on a fantastic set of GCSE results. A tremendous 81% of pupils achieved A* - C grades in English, with 78% attaining this standard in English Literature and 71% in Maths. It is also pleasing that 68% of the cohort achieved A*- C grades in BOTH English and Maths. The stunning results in English are also reflected  in measures of pupils’ progress from Key Stage 2.  We are delighted that 85% of pupils made 3 levels of Progress in English (meeting the government’s standard for ‘good’ progress) and an incredible 52% made 4 levels of progress (deemed by the government to be ‘exceptional’ progress).

Excellent results were also achieved across the curriculum with the majority of subjects achieving A* - C success significantly above the national average. In addition to English and Maths, flagship subjects include English Literature, the Sciences, History, PE/Sport Studies, Art, Photography, ICT, Food Technology and Dance.

It was an absolute joy watching pupils open their results envelopes on 25th August. Their delight and pride in their results was so well deserved and I know that they will go on to achieve great things in the future.

We are sorry to see them go and they will be very much missed. However, we look forward to leading future pupils to similar high levels of success in this new academic year and in the years ahead.