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IMPORTANT: Kik Messenger

Kik messenger has become a popular app with some groups of pupils, however we have been warned by Durham Police that it is being used by offenders to groom children to obtain indecent photos and videos.

Please be aware that:-

  • Kik has a minimum age of 13, and it is not suitable for younger children due to risks associated with inappropriate and/or illegal sharing of images and videos Parents should manage their children's use of technology.
  • Please set tablets and phones so that children cannot download apps without parental permission. (We have come across many cases where children have been abused through an app that parents and carers did not realise had been installed)
  • If your child is old enough to use the app, and is mature enough to manage its appropriate use please check the privacy settings so that your child's whereabouts and images are not being broadcast around the net without their knowledge.

See further advice HERE

If you discover that your child has been abused using this or any other app please contact Durham Police on 101 or contact the school for further advice.