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‘Slow to 20’ for safer streets project.

Dear Parent / Carer

‘Slow to 20’ for safer streets project

Durham County Council is introducing part-time 20mph speed limits around 33 schools in the County as part of a “Slow to 20 for safer streets” projects. Slower speeds outside of schools and in local neighbourhoods will improve road safety and create a safer and healthier community.

Slower driving speeds will result in:

  • Fewer road casualties
  • Encourage more people to walk or cycle
  • Children are able to play outside safely and can be more active
  • Less noise for nearby homes

The speed limits will be supported with road safety education in schools and the raising of awareness within local communities.

The school your child / children attends is included in this project and has had a part-time 20mph speed limit installed.  This is defined by signs and the limit will be in force during the period of time that the flashing lights operate.

Please see the map below for further details:

Official Leaflet