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Bishop Barrington pupils' artwork to commemorate Somme wins festival award.

PUPILS who combined a range of media including glass poppies and printed poetry to commemorate war fallen have won an arts prize.

Bishop Barrington School was one of 16 contributors to an exhibition which brought together the town’s nurseries, schools and college to commemorate the centenary of The Battle of the Somme, during the First World War.

The exhibition at Bishop Auckland Town Hall’s McGuiness Gallery was part of the community arts festival Febfest, run by Daisy Arts, which gave people of all ages in and around the town a chance to engage in the arts.

Youngsters could use any medium to create a piece based on the theme Somme- Expression and Remembrance.

Bishop Barrington’s installation caught the eye of judge Sue Snowdon, Lord Lieutenant of County Durham, who presented the winning team with a trophy today (Friday, March 4).

She said: “It was a tough job because the standard was high but this installation really stood out.

“The Somme was one of the worst times of the conflict, we should never forget the people who fought for our freedom, I saw expression and remembrance of the horrors of warfare embedded in the collaborative artwork by students at Bishop Barrington.”

Headteacher Jackie Gent said: “The school has a tradition of being involved in community events, it is an important dimension of children’s education.

“We’re very proud of both students and staff to have won.

“We have outstanding art and history departments and like to work collaboratively across subjects, we foster caring children who are very aware of the war and Battle of Somme.”