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The Northern Echo Schools Award 2015

Winner of the School Newspaper/School Website Award

Bishop Barrington's Spotlight on Success Publication has transformed the way that the school informs its readers about newsworthy stories.  Using a professional style and working with reporters from each of its departments, it has a refreshing and modern format with pupil achievement at its heart.

Stephen Brooke, who designs and produces the newsletter and manages online content for our website, spends hours perfecting the layout. His attention to detail and creative flair have ensured the latest copy of the magazine is a superlative edition.

Termly meetings see departments clamouring to be included in the next edition.  No event takes place without a budding photographer wielding a camera to capture the moment.

Ultimately, Spotlight on Success is an opportunity for Bishop Barrington to share the progress and accomplishments of its pupils and staff.  It is a wonderful way to record memorable achievements and showcases what the school is about.  Each newsletter is uploaded on to our user friendly website.  We have been approached by staff from schools for advice on website layout and style.  Our website has a two-click design -  in other words, it only takes you two clicks to find the information you are looking for, so parents, carers and community users do not have to spend a lot of time looking for information.

Salina Woodrow (Sponsor from Accenture) with Award recipient Stephen Brooke