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Combat Sport Hub School

Bishop Barrington has become one of only 10 schools nationally to be recognised as a Combat Sport Hub School. Combat sports include Judo, Taekwondo, Boxing and Wrestling.   Hub schools will become beacons of best practice in advocating non-traditional school sports. This work demonstrates the role sport can play in developing young people and increasing sustained participation beyond the school gates.  During the induction day on Friday 28th Nov 2014, 3 students from year 11 got to work with some of the best names in contact sports.

Matt Brunger (2014 ITF World Taekwondo Champion) and Natasha Jonas (GB Olympic Boxer) worked with the young people to develop an interest in the combat sports.  Mr Johnson (Director of Sport) met with the Governing Bodies of the Combat Sports to look at ways of developing more links with local clubs and more school teachers delivering versions of these combat sports.   Bishop Barrington will now become the centre of best practice for Combat Sports in the North East with a number of training courses and learning opportunities for pupils, teachers and parents.