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GCSE Results 2013

This year has been an outstanding one in so many ways. This is especially true for our students who achieved a superb set of results in their GCSE examinations, supported by an outstanding team of teachers. As in many schools, our 5+A*-C pass rate was very impressive with 99% achieving to this level. However, the most important measure of a school’s success is the percentage of students attaining at least 5+A*-C grades including English and Maths. We are delighted that 71% of our students achieved to this standard. The other main measure of a school’s success is the progress that a pupil makes from entry in Year 6 to GCSEs in Year 11. We are especially proud of our pupils' ”Levels of Key Stage 2 –Key Stage 4 Progress” in English and Maths, which were again excellent this year. In addition, we are celebrating the number of A*/A grades achieved by our students, with 26% of the cohort achieving at least 5 A*/A grades within their results.

The shool is particularly proud of its English results, with over 81% of students attaining A* - C grades. In addition, pupils levels of progress in English are exceptional, with 86% achieving at least 3 levels of progress from Key Stage 2 and 42% achieving at least 4 levels of progress.

We are also delighted that 100% of students secured A* to C grades in dual Science and in the separate disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the Triple Science course. This is significantly above the national average. All of these highly impressive results are a consequence of excellent teaching, high aspirations and the students’ own dedicated work ethic. We value all of our students, but especially those in Year 11 who rise to meet the challenges of being a member of the Year 11 Student Leadership Team. It is no surprise to us that this team of Student Leaders attained 61 A*/C grades between them with many in the A*/A grade range. These excellent results give us a high degree of personal satisfaction. But Bishop Barrington also applauds all of our students, who have left us as responsible, caring young adults, representing the best of youth in our region.

Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership Team