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Amanda Coulson

On Wednesday 22nd May, Amanda Coulson visited Bishop Barrington School to work with a group of pupils from Key Stage 3. Amanda, who has been at the top of the national and international boxing scene for just under a decade, came to share her journey from school age to her present role as a Sky Sports Athlete Mentor. Amanda visited the school as part of the Sky Sports living for sport scheme, and delivered some fantastic activities. These included team building exercises, and a boxing session using state of the art equipment. Head of PE Martin Broom stated, 'The morning was absolutely fantastic, the pupils had an incredible time taking part in activities they would not normally have the opportunity to.'

Amanda was highly impressed with the pupils' performance throughout the morning but one task stood out for her in particular. Pupils were given sheets of paper, tape and scissors and had to create the highest structure they could, using only these items and teamwork. One of our groups, lead by Year 7 pupil, Ryan Nichols, created the largest structure Amanda had seen in over 100 schools. This only emphasises how well pupil’s work together and how independent thinking is a skill mastered by our school.