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New Home Learning Timetables to be followed Week Beginning 4th May 2020:

Following a review of home learning, we have revised our expectations of students and as a result we have provided a new timetable for pupils to follow. We hope that this will be more accessible to pupils. The timetables below are tailored to ensure that pupils are accessing a broad and balanced curriculum, so we hope that you and your children find this useful moving forward. Teachers will continue to set work on Google Classroom. I have included below some additional websites that you may find useful alongside the work that is being set by teachers:

Year 7 Home Learning Timetable

Year 8 Home Learning Timetable

Year 9 Home Learning Timetable

Year 10 Home Learning Timetable

In addition to the timetabled work set, teachers will be providing extension work so if your child is working through their traditional Timetable of 5 lessons per day, there will be sufficient work available for each subject. Please feel free to follow whichever timetable you feel works for your child and your situation.

'Year 10 Live Lessons'

Please see a timetable HERE for live online lessons that will be taking place for the remaining 3 weeks of term, beginning on Monday 29th June. Individual teachers will create a Google Classroom code that will be available for the pupils to use to log in at the beginning of the session."