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The Bishop Barrington Elite Sports Academy has been successfully running for 2 years now.  It is a unique programme of support for young sports people within Durham.  The main purpose of the Academy is to offer bespoke programme of support to young sports people through our extensive range of partners and expertise.  The support will help young people balance their sporting careers and their school lives.  It will also provide an insight into the future of Physical Education. Candidates will be selected based on their application form and discussions with sports coaches and teachers.

The Elite Sports Academy offers a comprehensive programme of support and benefits to the young person at no charge to the successful candidates.  An example of the support includes:

Due to a very successful 2 years, Durham County Council are keen to see this programme of support shared across the County.  Therefore, we are undertaking a comprehensive review and evaluation of the ESA and planning for a County Wide launch for a Sept 2017 start.

If you have any questions regarding the Elite Sports Academy at Bishop Barrington, or are interested for a Sept 2017 start, please contact our Director of Sport, Mr Ben Johnson.