RM SmartClient Info

Notes for SmartClient install of a Research Machines (RM) Windows XP machine.


  • Windows XP machine must not already be a member of any domain
  • Local (workstation) 'Administrator' account password must be 'rm' for the purpose of the installation
  • The harddisk label must be blank


  1. Start, Run: \\BBS-SVR-001\RMHolding\ 1)
  2. Enter username of 'setup' and his password to access the share
  3. Browse to 'Utilities\RM Commissioning Utilities\<version>\ 2)
  4. Right-click on 'RM Commissioning Utilities' MSI package and choose Install
  5. Close the window
  6. Start, Run: C:\RM\Install\SmartClient.bat
  7. Click OK on the message that appears - the machine will reboot
  8. Wait for the RM Workstation Build Window to appear and fill in the appropriate information. Example:
RM Workstation Build
UPN Suffix: BBARRINGTON.internal
Domain Setup Username: setup
Domain Setup Password: <password>
Location: BBS/Main Site/Admin
Active Directory:
1) Replace 'BBS-SVR-001' with the name of your PDC
2) <version> should be the only folder in there, like v1.0.0.0 or something
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