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Throughout both key stages, the English department aims to promote a love of reading and an appreciation of literature.

We develop opportunities that allow pupils to express their thoughts and ideas both creatively and imaginatively. We encourage wide-reading to develop understanding and knowledge about the subject.

The curriculum at key stage 3 builds upon and develops prior learning. Schemes of Learning are challenging, rigorous and enjoyable. Pupils are prepared thoroughly for key stage 4 and the expectations of GCSE.

At key stage 4 pupils follow both AQA English Language and AQA English Literature courses. Both courses are assessed through examination. Pupils will have studied a range of texts and explored a range of skills including:


KS3 Revision
We want our pupils to understand the importance of being prepared and revising for examinations. It is vital that our pupils get into the habit early so they are fully equipped with the skills necessary to achieve their potential at GCSE. It is advisable that during examination periods, pupils create a revision timetable, where revising should take place little and often for maximum impact. Below are revision materials that will prepare pupils fully for examinations. KS3 exams take place at the start and towards the end of each academic year.

Revision Materials
Y7 - Autumn Term - The Hobbit
Y7 - Summer Term - Harry Potter

Y8 - Autumn Term - The Hunger Games
Y8 - Summer Term - Underdog

Y9 - Autumn Term - Dombey and Son
Y9 - Summer Term - The Woman in Black

KS3 pupils will receive homework projects every half term. These will be thought provoking activities aimed to deepen knowledge of topics covered in lessons and to develop our pupils as independent learners. Pupils will have the choice of three activities: Bronze, Silver and Gold. On completion, each task will be worth Vivos; Gold = 50, Silver = 20, Bronze = 10. Pupils who complete tasks to a high standard will also be rewarded with an enriching activity at the end of each half term. The pupils who do not complete homework will not be permitted to take part in these activities.

Homework for Years 7, 8 and 9. (Click to view)
Year 7 Homework -  Due week commencing 10th July
Year 8 Homework -  Due week commencing 10th July
Year 9 Homework -  Due week commencing 10th July