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Careers Education & Guidance is provided to every pupil from year 7 to 11. In both Key Stages, pupils participate in CWRE lessons through a fortnightly one hour session, delivered by their Form Tutors.

All CWRE lessons are geared towards preparing pupils for the world of work after education. Their CWRE journey begins in Year 7 where pupils are given opportunities to discuss their skills, qualities and long term goals and continues right up until the end of Year 11, by which time pupils have explored their future pathways, written CVs and applied for college places Post-16.

To help and support pupils in making the right decisions after they leave school, all Year 11 pupils are offered a Careers interview in Year 11 to provide them with guidance and support in finding the right progression route for them. In this interview, pupils are given up to date information and receive guidance on application deadlines and completing application forms.

In addition to their careers interviews, pupils and parents also have continuous careers support through the use of the careers email service whereby any questions or queries can be sent and will be answered by a specialist careers teacher within school.  This service can be accessed by emailing

Pupils in yr10 also participate in a careers enrichment week, which allows them to visit local post-16 providers

During this term, Jobcentre Plus have been providing direct support to Bishop Barrington School, assisting us in the delivery of high quality, work related education, to Keystage 4 pupils.

‘Support for Schools’ advisers Julia Chard and Beth Sinclair have been delivering interactive sessions with around Apprenticeships and Traineeships, Making Choices, CVs and Employability Skills.

Both advisers were impressed by our pupils’ engagement and curiosity in finding out about the opportunities available to them post 16.

Careers activities in June/July

29th June: Queen Elizabeth 6th College visit for all pathway A pupils and pupils from pathway B +C who have expressed an interest.

30th June: Darlington Technical College visit for all pathway A pupils and pupils from pathway B +C who have expressed an interest.

3rd July: Durham 6th Form School visit for all pathway A pupils and pupils from pathway B +C who have expressed an interest.

4th July: Bishop Auckland College for all pathway 2, all of pathway B, C and pupils from pathway A who have expressed an interest.

10th to 14th July: Work Experience for all Y10 pupils.

17th July: New College, Durham for all Y10 pupils.

We are fully committed to ensure every Year 11 pupil has received an offer in post-16 learning; this is our school's 'September Guarantee' . The following shows 'first choice' destinations where our pupils have received a conditional offer (correct as of 22nd June 2017):


Online services

All pupils are supported in their careers decision making by the careers software Help 4 Teens and Kudos online. Pupils have opportunities to use these packages during their careers lessons, however they can also be accessed through the link on the right.


Email Bishop Barrington Careers at


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